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We are experts at Precious Paws dog waste removal and wild animal waste removal. If you live near a pond, lake, or other wild animal habitat, messy geese and ducks can make your property look like a nightmare with their waste. Our Clarkston poop scooper service has all the tools and expertise to properly clean up and remove the waste from these wild animals.

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Another good reason for calling us? Keeping your family safe and healthy. Dog and wild animal waste can carry a large number of diseases, parasites, and bacteria. Every time you let your kids outside or start to do some yard work, you risk coming into contact with these nasty things. The only good way to avoid this is by diligently cleaning up your pet’s waste. We make that simple by offering reliable and through pet waste removal service. If you need a pooper scooper in Clarkston, we’re your team!

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dog poop scooper business Our clients always receive a thorough poop-scooping service. We understand very well the implications of leaving it lying on the ground. Text for a quick response (708) 308-9199. Our uniformed technicians are insured and bonded for your safety. Pet wastes contain a disease causing germs, it can be harmful for lawn grasses and plants, and also, if pet faeces get carried away by water, it can cause water pollution. We also offer professional pooper scooper services for dog kennels, breeders, and more. Other pet owners have health issues or physical limitations. Our service men will arrive at your place on your scheduled date and time. If you are tired of picking up your dog's poop, then give our dog poop pick up service a try! Our team's dog poop clean up service for as low as $11. Our company also has additional benefits for our customers.

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dog poop pickup service This is why our pooper scooper business is a great option! Call today for a FREE quote over the phone and $20 off your first month of service! If the dog hasn't gone after a few minutes and a few 'Go potty' commands, take it back inside for an hour. We also deodorize decks and patios, and clean kennels and dog runs. We also offer a uniquemanaged service plan that allows communities to economically install top quality pet waste stations and have them serviced each week without incurring an up-front cost. A dog waste/poop removal service is very much like a lawn mowing service that comes to your residence once a week to cut your grass. In addition, you will be viewed as a responsible dog owner who is mature, knowledgeable, safety-conscious and considerate of others. Animal Waste Rates and Pooper Scooper Discounts for the Oakland and Wayne Counties, MI Area Many dog owners have a extremely weak stomachs and truly can’t pick up their pet’s waste. Pet Waste Cleanup for Apartments, HOAs, and Parks

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pooper scooper company We take the time to make sure that your entire property is pet waste free before we leave. Why Hire a Professional Troy Pooper Scooper Service? Your time is too valuable to spend with the nasty hassle of cleaning up after your family’s best friend. Animal Waste also provides service to the areas in and surrounding Lansing, MI including: Okemos, East Lansing, Dewitt, Grand Ledge, Dimondale, Lansing, Haslett, Mason, and Holt . For the cost of a fast food meal, a couple gourmet coffees, or a few movie rentals you could free yourself from one of your weekly chores. Our service men will arrive at your place on your scheduled date and time. Why Should You Hire Professionals? Dignity Restored With a Dog Doody Bags Discreet Carrier. Pay for the service you desire and if you feel you no longer need the service, cancel hassle free with no fees. We often use plastic grocery bags, which quite often have a tear in them.


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