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We are experts at Precious Paws dog waste removal and wild animal waste removal. If you live near a pond, lake, or other wild animal habitat, messy geese and ducks can make your property look like a nightmare with their waste. Our Augusta poop scooper service has all the tools and expertise to properly clean up and remove the waste from these wild animals.

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Another good reason for calling us? Keeping your family safe and healthy. Dog and wild animal waste can carry a large number of diseases, parasites, and bacteria. Every time you let your kids outside or start to do some yard work, you risk coming into contact with these nasty things. The only good way to avoid this is by diligently cleaning up your pet’s waste. We make that simple by offering reliable and through pet waste removal service. If you need a pooper scooper in Augusta, we’re your team!

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company that picks up dog poop Some pet-owners believe that if their pets defecate in lawns or fields, the excreted material acts as a fertilizer. You will never pay more from one clean up to the next if there is more waste. Affordable rates and flexible cleaning schedules. We then take the dog poop with us. We currently offer pet waste removal services within 10 miles of Utica, MI. Many dog owners have a extremely weak stomachs and truly can’t pick up their pet’s waste. They provide us with companionship, entertainment, and much more. Thankfully, that’s why we are here. They take a good tour of your house and its proximity, and locate the areas that your pet is most likely to defecate. We service anything from small dog walks to large over 3 acre properties.

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pet yard waste cleanup business Why Hire a Professional Troy Pooper Scooper Service? He or she will walk your yard in a grid-like pattern with their eyes scanning back and forth across their path, collecting every doggie deposit spotted along the way. We take the time to make sure that your entire property is pet waste free before we leave. Our uniformed, friendly, and insured technician will arrive at your yard as scheduled, provide you complete, hassle-free service and leave a door hanger on your door when the job is complete. of the property and that particular pooper-scooper company's idea of a fair price. We are a full scale pet poop removal service. There are a host of tasks that involves pet waste disposal, sometimes these are overlooked by a pet-owner. Your time is too valuable to spend with the nasty hassle of cleaning up after your family’s best friend. Thankfully, we have the perfect solution for those times. Our type of service was initially known as Professional Pooper Scoopers and since has been called: Dog Waste Removal Service, Pet Waste Removal Service, Dog Poop Pick up Service and the list goes on.

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pet waste removal services Extra-Large (4 acres or under) We maintain complete hygiene while working- our service men sterilize their tools before every use and also disinfect the cleaned areas after picking up the waste. We offer a directory of pet waste removal companies across the country. By doing so, we will continue to improve our environment, our health and the health of others. There is the repugnant factor. Technicians always sanitize their tools after every job, and all of our services are backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. But cleaning up after pets isn’t great. We are a full scale pet poop removal service. If you don’t properly clean up your yard, your pet can not only roll in the poop, they can track it into your home and even eat it. Our services begin at only $9.


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